History of
Fort Telecom company


  • Participation in INTERSEC-2018, the world's leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection, which was held for the 20th time in Dubai, UAE;

  • Fort Telecom became the holder of the certificates of compliance of transport infrastructure security systems communication, data reception and transfer systems. The certificates were issued upon successful completion of tests of the models of PSW switches;

  • FORT units are officially recommended for installation on buses used at the 2018 FIFA World Cup;

  • MAN automobile concern started installation of FORT-112EG eCall devices with a built-in speaker;

  • Participation in  the specialized exhibition  Security Essen 2018 with TFortis equipment;

  • Release of the new mobile application  Fort Monitor on devices running on Android and iOS;

  • Presentation of FORT-112M  on-board unit for commercial transport. The new equipment is an updated version of FORT-111 on-board unit;

  • Participation in the largest in Russia International Security Exhibition MIPS-2018;

  • Fort Telecom took part in the 11th International Forum All-over-IP-2018;

  • Fort Telecom obtained the first European CE certificate for TFortis products;

  • Participation in the 10th specialized exhibition NAVITECH in Moscows Expocenter and the annual meeting of manufacturers, integrators, operators and users of GLONASS/GPS transport monitoring systems;

  • Presentation of the  TFortis PSW- 2G+Ex unit,  the new explosion-proof switch with + support


  • Obtaining of the 50th certificate for the ERA-GLONASS devices.
  • Participation in the largest in Russia International Security Exhibition MIPS-2017.
  • Participation in the 9th specialized exhibition NAVITECH in Moscows Expocenter and the annual meeting of manufacturers, integrators, operators and users of GLONASS/GPS transport monitoring systems and tachographic control NAVITORING-2017.
  • Release of the updated version of the TFortis SWD-1 switch.
  • Presentation of the TFortis TELEPORT-1 integration unit.
  • Holding a conference for integrators of monitoring systems and representatives of related industries "ERA-GLONASS: Time of the First" in Moscow.
  • Participation in the annual consumer computer and electronics trade exhibition GITEX Technology Week 2017.
  • Obtaining the first Transport Infrastructure Certificate in Russia.
  • Expansion into the countries of the Middle East and South Asia. The territory of the presence of TFortis and Fort Monitor was replenished by partners from the countries of the Persian Gulf, Africa, Pakistan and India.

  • 2016

    • Development and introduction of 2 ready-made solutions to the market: TFortis PSW-2G8F-Kit and TFortis PSW-2G8F-UPS-Kit.
    • Participation in the largest in Russia International Security Exhibition MIPS-2016.
    • The ERA-GLONASS Fort-112 EG equipment and the Fort Monitor monitoring system were demonstrated at the exhibition during the session of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation on road safety in Yaroslavl.
    • Participation in the 8th specialized exhibition NAVITECH in Moscows Expocenter and the annual meeting of manufacturers, integrators, operators and users of GLONASS/GPS transport monitoring systems and tachographic control NAVITORING-2016.
    • Release of the updated model of the TFortis PSW-1 unmanaged switch.
    • Development and introduction of the TFortis SWU-16 central switch on the market.
    • The Fort Monitor software platform is integrated with the 1C road list software developed by Pobedatasoft.
    • Participation in the exhibition of equipment and systems for security and fire protection Securika Siberia 2016.
    • Conducting a seminar for specialists in video surveillance in Perm jointly with Panasonic.
    • The Fort-112 EG equipment is installed on more than 30 brands of cars that have been tested under the vehicle type approval procedure.
    • Participation in the international forum Transport of Russia in Moscow.
    • Development and launch of a new compact BIP M1 emergency call button for installation on cars. Installation BIP M1 on the Zotye T600 crossover.

    • 2015

      • Developing and launching equipment for indoor video surveillance TFortis SWD.
      • Participation in the largest international security exhibition MIPS-2015.
      • Participation in the 5th meeting of manufacturers, integrators, operators and users of GLONASS / GPS systems NAVITORING-2015 in Moscow.
      • Participation in the exhibition NAVITECH-2015 in Moscow, Expocentre.
      • Developing and launching the explosion-proof switch TFortis PSW-Ex.
      • Participation in the annual meeting of Non-Commercial Partnership "GLONASS" with the China's Telematics Industry Application Alliance (TIAA).
      • Participation in the 5th ERA-GLONASS Modern technologies for the ensuring of road safety and comfort.
      • Certification of the ERA-GLONASS device FORT-112 EG for standard installation on IVECO vehicles.
      • Certification of the ERA-GLONASS system FORT-112 EG with the detection of crash severity with the help of the built-in sensors.
      • Organizing training session for automakers devoted to "ERA-GLONASS".
      • FORT-112 EG equipment installed on more than 10 car models, which passed through vehicle type approval procedures including Mercedes-Benz, IVECO, MAN, FAW, Donfeng, Changan and others.


      • Participating as a host side and organizing conference of NAVITORING Club in Moscow.
      • Participation in branch exhibition of transport monitoring systems market Navitech-2014, where the model of the first fireproof terminal ERA-GLONASS FORT-112 EX and user interface blocks BIP-02 were presented.
      • Participation in branch exhibition devoted to safety MIPS-2014 in Moscow.
      • ERA-GLONASS project coming into an active phase. Work with car manufacturers: IVECO, PAZ, UralAZ, Sollers, Lifan, Great Wall, Chery and others.
      • Collaboration with ATOL company. Launch of terminal FORT-111 Taho for integration in tachographs produced by ATOL company.
      • Developing and launching new commutator switches TFortis: PSW-2G4F, PSW-2G4F-UPS, PSW-2G6F+.
      • Equipment TFortis got EAC certificates
      • Output and sales volume of commutator switches TFortis increased by 35% in comparison to 2013.


      • Developing and launching FORT-111 M TCU.
      • Participation in the third meeting of NAVITORING Club in Moscow.
      • Participation in branch exhibition of fleet management systems market Navitech-2013 in Expocentre. At the exhibition new generation navigation terminals FORT-112 and FORT-112EG were presented, as well as new cloud web-service FortMonitor-3.
      • Launching terminals based on platform FORT-112.
      • loud service FortMonitor-3 Hosting launch.
      • Hosting the second international dealer conference Fort Telecom in Perm.
      • Participation in specialized exhibition All-over-IP with TFortis equipment.
      • Participation in international exhibition CIPS Caspian in Baku.
      • Completing the development of new commutator switch PSW-2G+.


      • Hosting the first international dealer conference FortTelecom in Perm.
      • Developing and launching accessories for TFortis equipment - crossboxes and optical distribution frames.
      • Developing and launching new commutator switch TFortis PSW-2G-UPS with in-built intellectual uninterruptible power system.
      • Beginning of the development of new software platform FortMonitor-3.
      • Participation in NAVITORING Club meeting in Saint-Petersburg.
      • Participation in specialized exhibition All-over-IP with TFortis equipment in exhibition centre Sokolniki in Moscow.


      • Beginning the participation in the federal project ERA-GLONASS.
      • Developing and launching FORT-111EG TCUs based on new platform FORT-111.
      • Testing equipment in pilot areas of ERA-GLONASS project on the base of Roscosmos.
      • Developing and launching fleet management system products based on platform FORT-111: FORT-111GL and FORT-111WiFi.
      • Foundation of NAVITORING Club for manufacturers, integrators and users of fleet management systems, where FortTelecom company appeared to be the founder along with other players of the market.
      • Participation in the first meeting of the NAVITORING Club in Saint-Petersburg.
      • Developing and launching new generation of commutator switches TFortis PSW-2G.
      • Development of injector FSE-2C.
      • Development of gigabit media converter FC-1G.


      • Development of industry solutions in FortMonitor-2 software: , cargo traffic, passanger transport.
      • Expansion of the Fort Telecom dealer network in CIS countries - establishing partnership with system integrators in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The dealer network covers more than 40 regions.
      • Participation in GPS casual meeting for members of the navigation market in Moscow.


      • Launching commutator switch TFortis PSW-1, which doesn't have any analogs on the IP-video surveillance market.
      • The dealer network covers more than 20 regions.
      • Development of sortware for transport satellite monitoring FortMonitor-2 FortMonitor-2 Vendor.
      • Execution of big federal fleet management system projects equipping more than 1000 vehicles with devices of Fort Telecom production.


      • Launching fleet management system FORT.
      • Beginning of the dealer network formation.
      • Development of navigation terminal FORT-300GL based on GLONASS system.
      • Beginning of the development of specific commutator switch for solving IP-video surveillance problems.
      • Execution of the federal-level project on JSCo ER-Telecom instrumentation with PoE injectors and splitters of Fort Telecom production.
      • Expanding the range of PoE injectors. Production of FSE-4B, FSE-4A, FSE-2H devices.
      • Contract with the TV channel 7TV for Roscript modules supply.
      • Participation in Communication Expocomm 2008 exhibition in Moscow.


      • Foundation of Fort Telecom company. Gathering the project team headed by the CEO Sergey Makarenko.
      • Development of Unified System of Monitoring and Managing communication equipment on JSCo Russian Railways order.
      • Development of CAM-FM modules for Roscript system. Contract with JSCo The First Channel for modules supply.
      • Development of the first TCUs FORT-200 and FORT-300.
      • Development of fleet management software platform FortMonitor v1.0.
      • Development of the first devices based on PoE (Power Over Ethernet) technology for powering remote devices.
      • Beginning the strategic cooperation with JSCo ER-Telecom. Starting the project execution for JSCo ER-Telecom instrumentation with PoE equipment of Fort Telecom production.