About the project ERA-GLONASS

Emergency response system, based on European standard eCall/E112, is developed for shared use with global satellite navigation system GLONASS.

Emergency response system ERA-GLONASS was created to save lives and mitigate injuries of road traffic accident victims or casualties in other emergencies on roads. This is attained due to reduction of the response time by Police, EMERCOM Rescue, and EMS.

Infrastructure of ERA-GLONASS system covers all auto-roads in the country, and vehicles are equipped with GLONASS/GPS TCUs. In case of a traffic accident the TCU automatically collects data on its exact location, time, and accident severity, and transmits it with a high-priority alert to the ERA-GLONASS system operator. After that this information is passed on to the emergency response services. Vehicle driver and passengers also have a possibility to contact an ERA-GLONASS operator manually.

ERA-GLONASS system is integrated with European system eCall, as well as with Belarusian ERA-RB and Kazakh EVA, being created within the Customs Union. This forms common road safety space throughout Russia and other countries.


To Car Manufacturers

Fort Telecom company provides informational support to car manufacturers in passing through certification of vehicles. Providing specific requirements from the customers, equipment is produced to order.

As special design the customer interface blocks, which are built in vehicle interior, are being developed.


Fort Telecom provides the following services:

  • Daily technical consultations in English and Russian.

  • Translation of all accompanying technical and law documentation into English.

  • Consultations on peculiarities of Russian normative framework.

  • Running additional tests of FORT equipment in Russian laboratories at the request of car manufacturers.

  • Consultation and assistance on questions regarding certification of new vehicles for type approval. Direct interaction with car manufacturers certification departments and certification bodies.

  • Cooperation arrangements between car manufacturers and Fort Telecom dealer network, and developing ways of project ERA-GLONASS commercialization.

  • Development of specialized software for car manufacturers commercial projects based on ERA-GLONASS system.

To Partners and Dealers

Fort Telecom dealers implement and install navigation equipment under FORT trademark on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.

Fort Telecom always strives to attract dealer network to execute big infrastructure projects. Authorized Fort Telecom dealers get the opportunity to participate in projects of equipping commercial vehicles, which belong to federal companies, as well as in realization of governmental projects. ERA-GLONASS is one of them today.

Fort Telecom dealers install ERA-GLONASS equipment according to Aftermarket principle and collaborate with dealer networks of car manufacturers on the issues of installation, service, and equipment operation training.

Crash tests

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