Fleet Management
System Fort Monitor

Fleet management system Fort Monitor is made as hardware-software complex on the basis of satellite technologies GLONASS and GPS, designed for controlling movement of vehicles, mechanisms, people, and stationary objects.

System Fort consists of hardware part – FORT TCUs of different modification, and software part – platform Fort Monitor.

How does it work?

A TCU, which plots the location coordinates with the help of GPS and GLONASS navigation satellites, is installed on the car (or other vehicle). Then this data along with information from different sender units of the car (data of fuel level, seatbelts, etc.) is transmitted through wireless networks of mobile communication to special software.

Next the software processes the information and depicts the car location on the map, data about its speed rate and other objectives, as well as provides information in the form of analytical reports to the user’s device.

Special features of FORT hardware complex

A TCU is the central element of satellite monitoring system. It plots coordinates, collects data from sender units and car on-board system and transits it to user’s device. However, conditions under which the work is done are far from living environment. Temperature extremes, voltage jumps in car on-board network, road traffic accidents and intentional attempt to break it – standard basket of factors, which must be taken into account when creating such equipment.

Testing devices under laboratory conditions, long-term experience of development and continuous communication with customers guaranty quality of FORT equipment.

terminal FORT.JPG

FORT special features

  • Electronic components of major European companies production
  • Military quality control and ISO 9001
  • Ability to connect big number of additional equipment and sensors
  • Stable work at temperature from -40 °С to +85 °С
  • Protection from voltage jumps

plata FORT.JPG

    Special features of Fort Monitor software

    TCU is the provider of necessary data, but without analysis and processing this information is unfit for practical use. That is why the important part of the system is software, which receives data from the TCU and processes it.

    Easy-to-understand processing algorithms, convenient interface, and stable work is the basis of Fort Monitor software.


    Software platform Fort Monitor allows:

  • Track transport traffic in real-time
  • Receive information from all sensor units set on an object
  • Create reports for folllow-up data analysis
  • Annunciate about breaking the speed limit or entrance/exit from territory under control
  • Report critical events and send a message via SMS and E-mail
  • Quickly and efficiently analyze received data with the help of instant graphs plotting
  • Control the time frame of undergoing maintenance operation
  • Identify drivers
  • Conduct driving quality analisys

  • All the system components are developed by Fort Telecom company independently. Development center and production facilities are located in Perm.

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