TFortis Equipment

TFortis is a registered trademark of equipment for organizing street IP-video surveillance systems on an industrial scale, as well as of equipment for inside video surveillance and fireproof commutator switches

Fort Telecom produces commutator switches, injectors, media converters, weatherproof housing and additional equipment for IP-video surveillance networks building under TFortis trademark.

TFortis equipment allows to build unattended networks: commutator switches with in-built lightning protector and industrial components base usage are resistant to any temperature and weather conditions. They ‘watch’ the state of IP-video cameras and restart them automatically in case when they freeze. Power supply for video camera and weatherproof housing is conducted through one Ethernet-cable.

The main components of the system are:

  • Specialized commutator switches
  • PoE weatherproof housings
  • Crossboxes
systema videonabludeniya TFortis

The line of additional equipment includes:

  • Support brackets
  • Assembling panels
  • Optical and copper SFP-modules
Commutator switches TFortis PSW are compact multifunctional commutator switches, designed for organizing outdoor IP-video surveillance system. The equipment is an integrated solution, which consists of:

  • Commutator switch
  • PoE-injector for remote power supply of video camera and weatherproof housing
  • Lightning protection modules over 220V power supply and Ethernet ports
  • Video camera freeze control module
  • Weatherproof housings pre-heat module for more comfortable start of video cameras
  • Microclimate control system
  • Power modules
  • Microcontroller for providing service functions and WEB-management
  • Case and clamping elements
TFortis PSW

PoE weatherproof housings are adapted from Videotec company ex-proof housings for combined work with commutator switches TFortis PSW. Weatherproof housings are suitable for most of the cameras and easy-to-use. Their important peculiarity is power supply over PoE from commutator switch, such that it is possible to transfer data, to power video camera and weatherproof housing through one 4-pair Ethernet cable.

termokozhukh TFortis

In spite of having weatherproofing design commutator switches TFortis PSW are comfortable to be placed in crossbox. Inside the crossbox there can be additional equipment installed (circuit breakers, electricity meter, optical distribution frame and other electronic equipment), and metal shell makes the node unit vandal proof.

TFortis Crossbox

Why is TFortis unique?

  • Working temperature is from -55 °C up to +50 °C which is confirmed by laboratory tests and equipment operating.
  • Protection level IP66 allows to use equipment in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Data transfer and power supply of video camera and weather housing through one cable simplifies installation and makes it more economical.
  • Weatherproof housing pre-heat function guaranties safe start of video cameras in freezing temperatures.
  • Video cameras freeze control function and their automatic restart allows to build unattended video surveillance systems.
  • In-built lightning protection over power-supply circuit 220V and Ethernet ports protects equipment from high-voltage interference.
  • Gigabit SFP-slots allow to connect equipment through optics, which is essential for creating video surveillance system on extended objects.
  • Uninterruptible power supply delivers an extra level of reliability.
  • PoE+ support gives an opportunity to connect street dome PTZ video cameras with energy usage up to 60W.
TFortis equipment is widely applied on big-size industrial objects, enterprises of oil and gas industry, along extended perimeters and pipelines, in public places: airports, stations, and stadiums. One of the top-priority directions of applying TFortis equipment became ‘Safe City’ project.
Continuous research is being conducted in the company, so TFortis equipment meets requirements of modern market to full extend, differs by uniqueness of applied technologies and has no analogues in Russia. Devices have all necessary licenses and certificates, and quality control is provided by quality management system ISO 9001 operating at the factory.

Development center and production facilities are located in Perm.

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