A Thousand and One Applications: Fort Monitor software controls a water filling line

Yet again our monitoring software has proven flexible and multipurpose. Fort Monitor software now controls the operation of a water filling line at Yuzhny Bereg soft drinks manufacturing plant.

Fort Monitor software is successfully used by agricultural, petroleum and mining companies. It controls operation of ambulance cars and was even used during an international motor sport competition in Belarus. Now, a water filling line at Yuzhny Bereg soft drinks manufacturing plant was equipped with Fort Monitor software, which further expands the range of its potential applications.

Yuzhny Bereg plant produces 25 million bottles of drinks per year. Its production lines were almost fully automated before, however they were unable to take remote readings, send them to a dispatching system and warn personnel about emergencies.

To make the most of the plant's capacity and ensure uninterrupted manufacture, the management of the plant decided to use Fort Monitor software. It ensures automatic monitoring of the water filling line and provides updated information about its performance. The system is connected directly to the PLC of the production line and is equipped with sensors – a water filling sensor, an operation sensor and a finished products sensor.

As a result, it is now possible to control the starting and finishing time of the line operation, calculate motor hours of the line, register downtime and estimate the yield of packs per shift. This information helps to optimize the operating schedule of the line and the number of employees required to service it and prevents production stoppages.


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