FORT-112EG terminals are now used in the EVAC system in Kazakhstan

The EVAC system is the national emergency call system for accidents and catastrophes in Kazakhstan, it operates using the GPS and GLONASS navigation satellite systems. The main goal of the state system is to increase the safety of freight and passenger traffic on the roads of the country. SIM-profiles of the EVAC system are fully consistent with the SIM-profile of the Russian ERA-GLONASS system.

However, there are differences in the DEF-code and some variable parameters that depend on the characteristics of the equipment of the mobile operator. Institute of Space Technique and Technology of Kazakhstan, the official operator of the EVAC system, confirmed the successful passing of the tests of FORT-112EG terminal with the SIM-profile of the EVAC system installed on it.

The testing of the terminal lasted two weeks – the equipment showed stable work in this system.

Fort Telecom company has already started delivering FORT-112EG with the EVAC SIM-chip to the automakers who produce new vehicles and also to certified installation centers that place the equipment on vehicles that are already in operation and imported into the territory of Kazakhstan.



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