Fort Telecom will provide E-call devices for Chinese luxury off-roaders

Luxury cars by GAC Motor will soon enter the Russian market: they have passed all the required tests and will be equipped with FORT-112EG–M ERA-GLONASS units at the plant.

In 2015 Fort Telecom became the first company to receive a certificate for its ERA-GLONASS accident emergency call devices. Today we supply E-call devices to over 60 car-makers all over the world. This year the company is launching a new-generation of ERA-GLONASS units, FORT-112EG-M. GS8 SUV by GAC Motor will be the first vehicles to be equipped with the new devices.

GAC Motor is planning to enter the Russian market this year and is now expanding its presence in the luxury segment. The GS8, a flagship SUV, is the first model to enter the Russian market. To prepare the car for sales in Russia, Fort Telecom engineers worked in close cooperation with GAC team to integrate ERA-GLONASS equipment into the vehicle's on-board systems – the roof console, the speaker and the microphone.

"This project is special for us not only because GS8 is the first vehicle equipped with the new FORT-112EG-M device, but also because the degree of equipment integration is unprecedented. The microphone and the E- call button are built into the roof console, one of the car's standard speakers is used as an ERA-GLONASS speaker. The E-call signal can be actuated by the vehicle’s accelerometers, gyro sensor of the E-call device or by built-in airbags, as an option. As usual, Fort Telecom engineers and managers demonstrated their professionalism and expertise while working on this project," says Vladimir Makarenko, Fort Telecom Business Development Director.

To obtain the certificate, the vehicles successfully passed a series of tests: test for the quality of loud-speaking communication in a vehicle cabin, functional test of the vehicle's emergency call system and data transfer protocols, tests for compliance with electromagnetic compatibility requirements and resistance to climatic and mechanical impacts. Rollover test was performed to confirm automatic actuation of an emergency call by FORT-112EG-M device.

Deep integration of FORT-112EG-M into the vehicle's systems along with ease of installation and affordable price make it a reasonable solution for mass-produced light motor vehicles.


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