Fort Monitor automates operations of a road building company in Siberia

Fort Telecom supplied FORT units and Fort Monitor software to Kemerovospetsstroy, the largest road building company in Kemerovo region, to provide improved control over operations.

With hundreds of vehicles, a thousand of employees and millions of jobs performed, Kemerovospetsstroy is literally able to remove mountains: for fifty years the company has been engaged in geodetic works, construction of roads, bridges and overhead crossings. Such complicated projects require effective methods of monitoring.

To provide efficient control of its operations, the company decided to connect its vehicles to Fort Monitor fleet management system. FORT terminals were installed on more than 200 vehicles (excavators, road graders, rollers, road scrapers, etc.), data from the terminals is processed by Fort Monitor software.

FORT-112M devices were chosen for the project due to several reasons. First of all, the company needed a reliable terminal able to reduce maintenance requirements and therefore cut down the expenses. Second, FORT-112M can be used with various on-board systems ranging from simple location tracking systems to complicated systems with a vast number of additional functions and external sensors. For example, in this project all vehicles were equipped with Eurosens Dominator RS sensors providing data on the level of fuel in the tank, and excavators were equipped with arm angle sensors to control arm motion.

Fort Monitor software delivered the following benefits:

·     Reduced fuel costs due to better fuel control: from arrival of fuel to the company's own fueling station to the fuel tank of each vehicle;

·     Reduced vehicle downtime: the system allows tracking the location of the vehicle, its loading and unloading time;

·     Reduced operating expenditures, improved performance and increased safety of transportation.

Fort Monitor: improved monitoring – improved business efficiency.


Fort Telecom is a leading provider of M2M technologies and solutions. We develop and manufacture GLONASS/GPS fleet management systems under the trademarks FORT and FortMonitor and the equipment for ERA-GLONASS/eCall projects in Russia and worldwide (www.fort-monitor.ru/en).

Fort Telecom also develops and manufactures unique equipment for building unmanned IP video surveillance networks under the trademark TFortis (www.tfortis.ru/en). TFortis equipment is used in Russia, the CIS, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf Region and a number of other regions.

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