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Fort Monitor

Reduction of expenses on fuel,
fleet management,


Unique solution for
IP-video surveillance and
road communication network

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Ready for your projects: New. Smart. FORT-114.

Functionality, simple and flexible setting, reliability – here are the main criteria for choosing a monitoring device. These were our guiding principles in designing the new FORT model – a terminal that has it all. And even more.

Supercharged. Available. Flexible.

Based on the requirements of the leading integrators in the telematics market, Fort Telecom engineering team developed a device with a full range of features for comfortable and easy monitoring. Please, meet FORT-114! High-quality plastic enclosure, ease of installation, full range of interfaces, support of all types of sensors.

But the key to modern telematic devices is what’s inside. By the time FORT-114 was launched into production, a new version of configurator had been released. It was created based on advanced development methods and its modular structure provides for the support of all the existing and future functions of the terminal. The device hardware is designed to accommodate new functions based on the requests of FORT community users.
But even the existing functionality will surprise you. How about a CAN-scanner capable of decoding CAN parameters right in the configurator?
However, clients today normally ask for fine-tuning of the device operating algorithms based on the project goals, ans FORT-114 is able to do that.

AlgorithmiX is a new word. Easy to remeber. Easy to set.

Fort Telecom is rightfully called a pioneer of programmable logic terminals. Back in 2007, we developed FORT-300 able to create optional configurations. 10 years later, programmable logic FORT is back. And it’s here to make programmable logic simple.
Event, Action, Delay, Process – these are simple terms you can operate without learning a programming language or taking many hours of training. AlgorithmiX brings creative freedom to integrators and is an inseparable part of FORT-114.
An available device with simple, yet flexible logic is something the market needs today and will need tomorrow.

Wireless future.

Transport monitoring is going through major changes. Wires are becoming a thing of the part.
The entire 114 range contains not only a full set of interfaces, but also a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 LE (BLE) module for connecting to wireless BLE sensors. BLE module provides connection to all the popular wireless fuel level sensors and their list is constantly expanded.

Reliability like in ERA-GLONASS

We are proud to say that FORT-114 is equipped with an unprecedented power supply protection and is able to withstand power spikes of up to 600V.
The terminal operates at 60V without even a slightest sign of overheating. Besides, the new FORT terminal was tested for interference resistance, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental resistance and it passed all the tests successfully showing excellent performance in very extreme conditions.
FORT-114 is supplied with built-in antennas and provides excellent reception and track quality in standard configuration or with the external GLONASS/GPS antenna in FORT-114E configuration for special projects. Choose the option you need and be sure of an excellent result.