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  • Fort Monitor System: optimizing the work of transport, reducing the costs
  • TFortis: complex solutions for IP-video surveillance

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Reduction of expenses on fuel,
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Unique solution for
IP-video surveillance and
road communication network

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Next level: upgraded FORT range

AlgorithmiX, CAN-Scanner, goodbye to FORT-111M. What else is new about the new FORT range and what’s coming up in the next episodes?

The launch of FORT-114 marked the beginning of the new period in the development of FORT terminals. FORT-114 represents everything we love about Fort Telecom – ease of use, simplicity and functionality. FORT-114, FORT-114E, FORT-112M and FORT-112EG-M all have a wide set of features designed for a specific range of projects.

FORT-114. New. Smart. A powerful processor allows the terminal to process data from all kinds of sensors, including BLE sensors, decode CAN data from most vehicles, and the new AlgorithmiX system ensures programmable logic. Now it is even easier to set up the equipment based on the customer needs.

FORT-114E. A modification of FORT-114 with an external GLONASS/GPS antenna. The equipment is ideal for operation in quarries and densely populated urban areas.

FORT-112М. Simple and universal. An updated version of FORT-111М. The device is designed for transport monitoring and reducing the cost of fleet maintenance. Easy to install, easy to operate.

FORT-112EG-M. Two-in-one. A new generation of ERA terminals combining a satellite navigation function with an accident emergency call device.

It will replace the previous FORT-111M model – we are saying goodbye to the representative of the older generation of our terminals. The last devices of that generation have been recently shipped to our partners. M-model (that is how the users used to call it) was loved for its simplicity, light weight and ease of installation. FORT-111M was simple and rugged. According to statistics, it became the most reliable of all FORT terminals and served as a foundation for developing 112M.
M-model was used in several hundred projects in and outside Russia: for medical transport monitoring in Siberia, route and logistics optimization in the South of Russia and even helped develop the economy of Tajikistan.
We took the best of M-model and used it in our new devices. Choose FORT for your project and be sure of an excellent result.