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Results of the International Navigation Forum and the Sphere Congress

On June 15, the XIV International Navigation Forum and the Congress Sphere took place at the Central exhibition hall Expocentre in Moscow.

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The Navigation Forum was dedicated to innovative developments in the fields of telecommunications, transport telematics, intelligent urban mobility and other topics of the industry.

The Congress Sphere was supported by the Roscosmos State Corporation (Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation) and was dedicated to the Sphere program and the markets for its application. Within the framework of this state program it is planned to launch more than 500 small satellites that will cover the entire globe. Such a number of launched satellites will make it possible to build a stable network of inexpensive satellite connection. One of the areas of this communication application will be the eCall system. Satellite Internet will cover absolutely all the roads, not only with a GSM connection. Sphere program will be able to provide high-quality space services, as well as to form a distributed infrastructure for data collection from mobile, robotic and unmanned objects.


A separate block at the Navigation Forum was the topic Markets of National Technological Initiative "Autonet": Prospects for the development of smart urban mobility, Information Technology Support (ITS) 2.0. Within the framework of this section, Vladimir Makarenko (Business Development Director of Fort Telecom) made a report V2X technologies as the basis of the new ITS. What V2X applications will be demanded in Russia? Practice of pilot projects. The report touched upon the issues of V2X standards adaptation for Russia and its improvement. The logical conclusion was that both standards - the European DSRC/ETSI-G5 and the Chinese CV2X - should work in the country. This decision will be particularly relevant for the creation of the unmanned transport corridor Europe-China through Russia. During the further experts discussion many technological barriers were overcome.


It should be noted that there is a keen interest in the creation of regional pilot projects in Russia, as well as in the partnership of companies on already operating V2X projects. Fort Telecom also encourages partners to use TEDIX equipment developed by the company in pilot projects. Contact us: tedix@fort-telecom.ru.

The key moment of the event was the presentation of the In the field of navigation award For the implementation of technologies based on the GLONASS system to Fort Telecom. The award was presented by Yuri Urlichich, First Deputy General Director of the orbital group development and promising projects of the Roscosmos State Corporation (Federal Space agency of the Russian Federation).