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Seminar «‎V2X in the world and in Russia»‎: the results of the discussion of industry participants

On July 8, with the support of Sreda Solutions, Fort Telecom and National Technological Initiative «‎Autonet», the large-scale online seminar on the implementation of V2X technologies in Russia was held.

The discussion was led by the representatives of Russian (Sreda Solutions, Fort Telecom, Smarts, SmartMicro) and foreign companies (Qualcomm, AutoTalks, Keysight Technologies). The seminar was moderated by Vladimir Makarenko, Business Development Director of Fort Telecom. The number of participants reached more than 200 people.

They discussed issues such as the current level of development and readiness of V2X technologies in the world and in Russia, the volume and needs of the market, technical details of developments and companies plans for the production of specialized products.


Vladimir Makarenko, Fort Telecom: «‎We understand that V2X is the future of connected and autonomous cars in the world. Based upon the number of registered companies, not only we understand this. A completely new technology will allow not only to react but to prevent accidents, to provide non-stop and priority transit of public transport and new level of optimization of fleet logistics. Fort Telecom has already launched on the market V2X TEDIX-branded both road and automotive devices which are being used in pilot projects across the country. The next step is the partner network activity for implementation in commercial vehicle fleets and cooperation with car manufacturers».

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More details: in the material (in Russian) of the ICT portal
The next webinar is scheduled for September. We will keep you updated!