• New ERA in road safety
  • Fort Monitor System: optimizing the work of transport, reducing the costs
  • TFortis: complex solutions for IP-video surveillance

Fort Monitor

Reduction of expenses on fuel,
fleet management,


Unique solution for
IP-video surveillance and
road communication network

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Fort Telecom will be moving to its own building

Dear partners,

For the last 18 months we have been preparing to move to our own building. There has been a renovation of 4 floors, layout of premises, implementation of architectural solutions, and furniture assembly. And finally, on July 30, Fort Telecom will be moving to its new home.

From August 2, 2021, the company will begin its work at the new address, which is 65a Gagarina Boulevard, Perm.

Due to the transfer of the entire network infrastructure, on the day of the move all employees will be available by mobile phones only. There will be no shipments on the day of the move. Company bank details, except for the address, do not change.

See you at the new office!