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Fort Monitor Conf 2021. Telematics Market: 3rd Round.

We did it! The conference for Fort Monitor partners took place on August, 12-13. For the first time since 2012, an event organized
by the company was held in Perm, in the conference hall of the new Fort Telecom office.


More than 70 people from 22 cities of Russia, 15 reports, 3 round tables, 45 liters of coffee drunk, an online broadcast
for those who couldnt come, hundreds of photos, a huge number of ideas for improving the existing market and products
in general, and a real lack of time to discuss everything.


The two days of the business program included speeches by the organizers, speakers from the FORT, Fort Monitor,
and ERA-GLONASS teams and invited experts, sessions of questions for developers, round tables and
discussions, and an informal outdoor recreation.


We told the truth about the alignment of forces in the transport telematics market in 2021, about everything
new in our products (both in the Fort Monitor software and in the FORT commercial terminals), about the
latest Fort Telecom developments (TEDIX equipment for V2X), gave recommendations how to comply with
requirements of Satellite Navigation Equipment.


We awarded our most valuable partners and enjoyed the great outdoors.


Remember the way to Perm, meetings will be regular!

Several reviews of our partners about the conference:

Andrey Dergousov (76 Oil Tyumen LLC): The conference has become an important industry event in 2021.
Fort Telecom, a long-time leader with healthy ambitions, successfully combined the opening of a new office and
a conference on the eve of new laws stimulating the development of the industry and the post-covid state of the
country and the world economy. Vladimir Makarenko made an interesting and logical forecast in his report,
according to which we are entering the third stage of our industrys development. And at this stage Fort Telecom
feels better than many others. The reports of all the participants were convincing and provoked active discussions.
I'm ready to make a report next time too! Thanks to the organizers for the excellent schedule, the atmosphere, the
buffet table, and sincere hospitality. I hope this event will become an annual event.

Nikolay Trofimenko (Glonass-Telecom LLC): Pompous and informative! Training and the new office is worth the best
rating! Nature is worth the best rating too! Thank you for the warm welcome on your homeland!

Ruslan Kostyukevich (Bizon-Trade LLC): The conference was worthy. The only thing is that there was not enough time
for round tables. Unfortunately, we did not have time to discuss all the issues of interest.

Denis Gontsa (Company Group Navigator Hub LLC): The conference was great! The most important thing is that we
received the necessary explanations on many issues, knowledge and understanding that the manufacturer / developer
hears us and meets new market trends. I would like to listen more speakers, of course. And for me personally, it would be
useful for the organizers to announce those who are present in the conference hall: which partners and how much time
they work in the fleet management market, which cool and special monitoring implementations were made. It would help
us all get to know each other faster. And you don't always know which fellow is sitting next to you. Thanks for organizing.
Perm is a wonderful city!

Roman Nagatkin (Service Fort-Telecom LLC): Everything went at the highest level, thanks to Fort Telecom team for
the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere at our place. We were pleased with the development plans of the brand's
products and new business units, keep it up! I have been working with this company almost since its foundation, since 2008.
I took part in a lot of projects and always noted the professionalism of the team and management, so I am still with you.
I note the excellent work of technical support at all levels and the high professionalism of the managers.